Noa Gavin

Special guest

Noa Gavin is a Texas born and raised writer, improvisor, storyteller, and sketch performer. She was also a professional ghost hunter!

She started improv training at Dallas Comedy House after reading Tina Fey's Bossypants, and still to this day considers it the best decision she ever made in her entire life. Noa completed training at DCH and has worked under instructors from IO Chicago, the Groundlings, UCB, Second City, Workaholics, and Four Day Weekend, and writers from Second City, Saturday Night Live, MAD TV and Key & Peele. She's also been in some festivals (Chicago Improv Fest and Del Close Marathon) and those were cool too.

She also wrote a book in an improv style with Nick Scott, and it's p cool and good and you should check it out. It has like, a bunch of fun reviews. Here.

You can see a portfolio of all her work at [](

Noa currently performs with One Man Show, Choke On It, The Implication, The Improvised Horror Movie and Atlantic Pacific Billy (When they're all in town).

Noa Gavin has been a guest on 2 episodes.